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Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center Moved to Its New Location

Carrying importance across Turkey and to 227 countries of the World, Aras Kargo’s Erzurum Transfer Center moved to its new location. Increasing its capacity and integrated with new technologies, Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center became more comfortable allowing fast delivery of the packages.

Working with a mission of providing ‘7-Star Service in 7 Continents’, Aras Kargo renovated its Erzurum Transfer Center in order to increase the service quality it provides to its customers in Erzurum. Moving to Organized Industrial Zone, Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center has a modern and comfortable working space.

Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center was renovated by considering Erzurum’s challenging weather conditions. Advanced technology was used in the facility designed in a way that administrative and personnel’s working spaces can be heated by natural gas. Thanks to the platform built in the working site, throughput time is reduced and Aras Kargo employees’ working conditions were improved. Increasing its capacity, Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center will continue providing its quality services to its customers in Erzurum.

New address of Aras Kargo Erzurum Transfer Center: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Cad. 1. Sk. No.3, Aziziye. Phone: 0442 329 05 64 Fax: 0442 329 05 65.

About Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo is Turkey’s leading delivery company with the largest access network that offers services to 12 million people, corporations, and institutions per month with its 19 Regional Directorates, 28 Transfer Centers, 786 branches, a fleet of 2,500 vehicles and an expert staff of 8,800 employees. Providing service to over 1,500 settlements in all the cities and counties of Turkey as well as mobile services available in almost 800 settlements, Aras Kargo introduces innovative products to its customers for quality, fast and rigorous service.

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