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Aras Kargo Employees in Erzurum Graduated from Aras Academy

Students of Aras Academy which was established to promote personal development of Aras Kargo employees at all levels were given certificates in Erzurum. 137 Aras Kargo employees successfully completed training program in Erzurum Atatürk University were given certificates by Aras Kargo managers and instructors.

Established to promote personal development of Aras Kargo employees, Aras Academy continues to graduate students. 137 Aras Kargo employees participated in and completed the training program organized in association with Erzurum Atatürk University. Employees were presented their certificates in a ceremony event held on Sunday, July 17th at Atatürk University. Aras Kargo managers, Atatürk University managers and instructors gathered with students at the ceremony.

The graduation ceremony event was attended by Aras Kargo HR Manager Gökçen Dervişoğlu, Atatürk University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr İrfan Küfrevioğlu, Atatürk University Continuing Education Center Manager Abdülkadir Çiltaş, Aras Academy founding coundaltant Prof Dr Ruhi Kaykayoğlu, Atatürk University instructors and Aras Kargo Regional Manager Uğur Döşkaya. Aras Kargo managers and instructors presented student certificates and awards to the top three students.

Branch managers were trained in Excellent Branch Management Certificate Program, branch personnel were trained in Customer Satisfaction Program while couriers received Best Courier Certificate Program at Atatürk University.

Foundations of Aras Academy were laid down late 2009. With its well-equipped and experienced instructors with academic and professional knowledge, Aras Academy contributes to R&D and innovation of the sector and to sector professionals in its modern and contemporary learning-education environment. Aras Academy increased the number of partner universities from 9 to 19 in 2011. These universities are Atılım University, Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Boğaziçi University, İstanbul Aydın University, Okan University, Yaşar University, Zirve University, Atatürk University, Çağ University, Dicle University, Kültür University, Melikşah University, Mevlana University, Osmangazi University, Sakarya University, 19 Mayıs University, Black Sea Technical University, Pamukkale University, Karabük University.

Long-term training programs are available to branch personnel, employees of regional directorates and General Directorate, dealer owners and mid-level managers at Aras Academy Platform. In addition, foreign language courses are given to employees of the general directorate. 2,200 employees participated to Aras Academy certificate programs so far. In 2010 period, number of total training hours was 27,000. In 2011, Aras Academy aims to offer training programs to 4,000 people.

About Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo is Turkey’s leading delivery company with the largest access network that offers services to 12 million people, corporations, and institutions per month with its 19 Regional Directorates, 28 Transfer Centers, 786 branches, a fleet of 2,500 vehicles and an expert staff of 8,800 employees. Providing service to over 1,500 settlements in all the cities and counties of Turkey as well as mobile services available in almost 800 settlements, Aras Kargo introduces innovative products to its customers for quality, fast and rigorous service.

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