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Aras Kargo employees continue to clean Turkey’s coasts

Aras Kargo prevented 2,5 tons of waste from polluting seas in 3 years

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Working to leave a better environment for future generations, Nature Friend Aras Team are cleaning Turkey’s coasts. With the coastal cleanings it has been conducting with Turmepa Clean Sea Association for 3 years, Aras Kargo provided recycling of approximately 2,5 tons of waste from the environment.

Nature Friendly Aras Team conducted this year"s last coastal cleaning at shores of Seyhan Dam Lake in Adana, and sent total 345 kilograms of waste consisting of 45 kilograms of plastic, 280 kilograms of glass, 5 kilograms of metal and 15 kilograms of paper for recycling.

Aras Kargo carries nearly 500 thousand shipments every day with approximately 15 thousand employees, more than 4 thousand vehicles, 30 hubs, 13 regional directorities and more than 800 branches, and it also continues to make a difference in the industry with its environmentally sensitive practices.

Coasts are entrusted to Nature Friendly Aras Team

Aras Kargo cleans Turkey’s coasts for 3 years with Nature Friendly Aras Team platform formed in 2014 by volunteer employees. Aras Kargo cleaned the coasts of İstanbul Kınalıada, Büyükada, Samsun, İzmir, Bodrum, Fethiye, Trabzon and Lake Van in recent years within the project conducted with TURMEPA (Clean Sea Association), and added Antalya, Istanbul and Adana locations to these shores in 2018. Last weekend, at Menderes Island picnic area located in coasts of Adana Seyhan Dam Lake where the last coastal cleaning of this year took place, total 345 kilograms of waste consisting of 45 kilograms of plastic, 280 kilograms of glass, 5 kilograms of metal and 15 kilograms of paper was prevented from polluting the sea and sent for recycling. Together with Adana, a total of 540 kilograms of waste was collected this year.

Approximately 2,5 tons of waste is collected until today

Nature Friendly Aras Team prevented pollution of seas by collecting waste from 11 different coasts of Turkey in the last 3 years during the works conducted together with TURMEPA (Clean Sea Association). In these three years, Aras Kargo employees collected approximately 2,5 tons of waste consisting of 1,175 kilograms of plastic, 830 kilograms of glass, 341 kilograms of metal and 132 kilograms of paper.

Carbon footprint is reduced

Aras Kargo attaches great importance to environmental friendly practices in order to leave a more habitable world to the next generations, and thus started to include electric vehicles in its fleet to reduce its carbon footprint in 2011. Today, Aras Kargo is Turkey’s leading shipping company with 100 percent electrical commercial vehicle fleet. Thanks to LED lighting and photocell systems used in transfer stations, 25 percent energy saving is obtained. Biodegradable cargo bags are used in all shipments.

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