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Aras Kargo Employees Celebrate April 23rd with Their Families

Aras Kargo Academy Family School, founded by Aras Kargo to support professional and personal development of its employees and their families, didn’t skip April 23rd National Independence and Children’s Day.

Within the scope of the 1st Aras Kargo Children’s Festival, Aras Academy Family School participants and their children gathered at the Bosphorus Transfer Center on April 20th and in Celal Aras Anatolian High School on April 23rd and had an unforgettable day. During the event, fun games were played and little ones sat on executive managers’ seats to sustain the tradition.

Turkey leading shipping company Aras Kargo organized April 23rd Festival for its employees and their children. The organization held within the scope of Aras Academy Family School events took place on April 20th for Istanbul European Side and on April 23rd for Asian Side.

Over 300 people attended the event at Aras Kargo Bosphorus Transfer Center including employees and families of Thrace Regional Directorate, İkitelli Transfer Center Directorate, Bakırköy Regional Directorate, Bosphorus Regional Directorate and Bosphorus Transfer Center Directorate. The other event that took place at Kavacık Celal Aras High School hosted over 150 people including employees and families of Orhanlı Transfer Center Directorate, Marmara Regional Directorate and Marmara Transfer Center Directorate.

Children enjoyed various games at the event including game courses, cookie and egg carrying competitions and celebrated April 23rd National Independence and Children’s Day with their families.
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