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Aras Kargo cleans the shores of Turkey

Nature-Friendly Aras Team prevent 2 tons of waste polluting the sea

Nature-Friendly Aras platform established in 2014 by Aras Kargo in line with the vision of protecting the nature, has been cleaning the shores of Turkey with TURMEPA (Association for the Clean Sea) for two years. Contributing to protect the ecologic balance by collecting 2 tons of waste from the sea on 8 locations, Nature-Friendly Aras Team performed the last sea cleaning for 2017 in Bodrum.

Aras Kargo, who wants to leave a livable world to future generations, develops eco-friendly products and business processes which are respectful to nature. Serving its customers with over 4.000 vehicles and 12.000 employees as the largest distribution network in the industry in Turkey with 825 branches and 29 hubs, Aras Kargo sets an example to other companies with its environmental applications.

Formed by Aras Kargo employees, Nature-Friendly Aras clean the shores of Turkey. Within the scope of the cooperation with TURMEPA (Association for the Clean Sea), Nature-Friendly Aras Team cleaned the shores of İstanbul Kınalıada, Samsun Atakent, İzmir Çiğli and Fethiye in 2016; and the shores of İstanbul Büyükada, Trabzon, Van Lake and Bodrum in 2017. In the course of two years, 500 Aras Kargo employees and their families have collected a total of 2 tons of waste – 977 kg plastic, 488 kg glass, 263 kg metal and 80 kg paper – which would otherwise damage the seas in an irreparable manner.

Final cleaning of 2017 takes place in Bodrum

In the Project carried out in partnership with TURMEPA, Aras Kargo employees carried out the last shoreline cleanup of 2017 in Bodrum. 579 kg plastic, 174 kg glass, 176 kg metal and 33 kg paper – a total of 1 ton of waste – were collected in Bodrum Gümbet Port and delivered to the Municipality of Bodrum for recycling.

Joining the employees in Bodrum, Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Nuri Bulduk said, “Research has shown that “home” of human beings faces great danger in the near future as a result of the destruction of nature. It is important for private companies, government agencies and individuals to prevent such destruction to the greatest extent possible.”

Stating that Aras Kargo has been undertaking this huge responsibility and coming a long way in environment-friendly applications, Bulduk continued: “Within the Project launched with TURMEPA three years ago, we have engaged our employees to clean the shores of Turkey for the last two years. İstanbul, Samsun, İzmir, Fethiye, Trabzon and Van were followed by Bodrum. Shore cleaning events held meticulously and attended by Nature-Friendly Aras (Nature-Friendly Aras)and their families helped us save our seas from 2 tons of waste. Besides, 52 young Aras with an age range of 8-12, visited the Underwater Waste Exhibition located in the headquarters of TURMEPA in Nakkastepe and received marine and environmental protection training at the Training Workshop. These activities aim to fulfill our duties to the environment and to raise awareness in this regard.”

Turkey's largest commercial electric vehicle fleet

Bulduk mentioned another environment-friendly application at Aras Kargo and said, “In 2011, we have added environment-friendly vehicles to our fleet to prevent thousands of tons of carbon emissions and upgrade our existing vehicles. Thus, we aim to minimize carbon emissions. For example, at the end of 8 years from the onset of the Aras Kargo electric vehicle fleet, we will be able to save 5,778 tons of carbon, and benefit about 18,000 new trees planted. We currently have 39 electric vehicles, creating Turkey's largest commercial electric vehicle fleet. We plan to increase the number of vehicles in our fleet in 2018. We also use materials that are 100 percent bio-degradable within the company. Thanks to our partnership with ÇEKÜL, our company, which has helped about 140 thousand trees to the planted so far, will continue to work with the same dedication and awareness in the coming period. "

“Housewives and university students will carry packages,”

Underlining his vision for a new business model at Aras Kargo, Hikmet Nuri Bulduk said, “We would like to create part-time job opportunities for housewives and university students to become couriers. In this business model, we will employ all procedures we use for recruitment of other couriers. We have completed all legal procedures in this regard. We will create contribution to employment and an extra source of income for students and housewives while maximizing customer satisfaction. This model will particular work in cities highly populated with students, such as Eskişehir. Students will be able to use their bicycles to distribute packages while earning their allowance and contributing to the environment.”

“We will increase the customer satisfaction rate to 96 percent”

Indicating that the delivery time is one of the major issues in delivery industry, to which they have been addressing, Bulduk said, “We ship over 500 thousand packages every day. We are implementing technologic investments to increase on-time delivery of these shipments. 5 months ago, we had 25 percent complaint rate in this regard. But we reduced it to10 percent. Our goal is to drop the complaint rate to 4 percent and increase our success rate to 96 percent.”
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