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Aras Kargo Cleaned Samsun Coast for the Memory of 100.th Anniversary

Aras Kargo Cleaned Samsun Coast for the Memory of 100.th Anniversary

Nature Friendly Aras Team cleaning coasts of Turkey in line with Aras Kargo"s mission to protect the environment started coastal cleaning in Samsun due to 100th anniversary of Atatürk"s arrival to Samsun. Total 702 kilograms of waste was collected from the coast of the city. The nature friendly Aras, working to leave a better environment for future generations, has prevented 3 tons of waste from polluting the environment so far.

Aras Kargo 100. Yıl Anısına Samsun sahilini temizledi

Turkey"s pioneering and innovative shipping company, Aras Kargo, continues to make a difference in the sector with environmentally conscious practices to leave a cleaner world for future generations. Aras Kargo, continuing its activities with the mission of protecting the environment has established "Nature-friendly Aras" platform with the volunteer participation of the employees in 2014 and cleaned coasts of Turkey so far started this year’s coastal cleaning in Samsun for the memory of 100th anniversary of arrival of Atatürk to Samsun to start the national salvation movement. Aras Kargo employees, who placed a wreath at the Atatürk monument in Samsun before the event and stood in silence collected 58 kilograms of paper, 518 kilograms of plastic, 13 kilograms of metal and 113 kilograms of glass waste from Samsun Tekkeköy Beach and prevented pollution of sea by eliminating total of 702 kilograms of wastes.

Both the seas and the coasts are protected

As a result of coastal cleaning efforts carried out all over Turkey by Nature friendly Aras in collaboration with TURMEPA (Sea Clean Association) prevented waste to pollute the environment and protected both the marine ecosystem and prevented threat to human health. In addition, the image pollution caused by waste was prevented and the quality of life on the coasts is improved. In line with these works, Aras Kargo has cleaned the coasts of İstanbul Kınalıada, Büyükada, Samsun Atakent and Tekkeköy, İzmir, Fethiye, Trabzon, Van Gölü, Bodrum and Adana Dam Lake. Aras Kargo, ensured collection of 1630.45 kilograms of plastic, 912.85 kilogram of glass, 333.08 kilograms of metal and 169.18 kilograms of paper waste from our coasts so far and recycled a total of 3 tons of waste to the environment.

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