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Aras Kargo carries Turkish Cup semi-final and final balls to the pitch

Aras Kargo now carries the Cup Excitement: Aras Kargo carries the Turkey Cup semi-final and final balls to the pitch

Türkiye Kupası yarı final ve final toplarını Aras Kargo sahaya taşıyor

Aras Kargo undersigned a project that was for the first time carried out in Turkey for the matches of the Ziraat Turkey Cup. As part of the project, which was carried out in partnership with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and the TV station, Aras Kargo carried the balls for the semi-final match between Beşiktaş and Medipol Başakşehir from the TFF Riva facilities and took them to Vodafone Park. Aras Kargo delivered the ball to the match referee for the kick-off in a small vehicle specially designed for the pitch.

Aras Kargo, Turkey"s leading and innovative shipping company, has undersigned a project in Turkish soccer for the first time. Joining forces with the Turkish Football Federation and the TV channel in the semi-final and final matches of the Ziraat Turkish Cup, Aras Kargo undersigned a project that the likes of which has never been seen before in football matches in our country before the Beşiktaş-Medipol Başakşehir match at Vodafone Park on March 16th.

Aras Kargo received the balls for the semi-final matches of the Ziraat Turkey Cup from TFF-UEFA Football Development Coordinator Rüştü Reçber, one of the legends of Turkish soccer, at the Riva facilities and carried the balls to Vodafone Park. Aras Kargo then carried the ball to Centre Court in a specially designed mini vehicle prepared for use on the pitch and handed it over to the referee. Aras Kargo will perform the same operation in the Ziraat Turkish Cup semifinal match between Fraport TAV Antalyaspor and Aytememiz Alanyaspor, which will be played on March 17 (today). During the exciting final of the Turkish Cup, Aras Kargo will carry both the trophy and the balls.

We are forever proud to contribute to Turkish sports

Billur Burkutoğlu, deputy managing director of Aras Kargo Marketing, expressed that they are more than happy to be contributing to Turkish sport along with education, environment and society. Burkutoğlu said, "Together with our employees, we carry meaning to all four corners of our country. Every day we stop by more than 1 million doors and reach millions of people. Dedicated to the mission of delivering what our customers need in all circumstances, we have continued our service by taking precautions during the pandemic. In this period, football pitches are among the places where intensive measures are taken to protect the health of our athletes and ensure that games are played out. Since we believed that our experience in pandemic response would be a good match for the need here, we wanted to use a special remote-controlled vehicle to bring the ball onto the pitch to be in line with the pandemic measures, and the federation approved our idea. We signed such cooperation with the aim of increasing our contribution to Turkish sport on the one hand and demonstrating our expertise in this field in an area like football, which people follow with passion and interest, on the other. We are really proud and happy that we will carry the match balls for the semi-final and final matches as well as the trophy for the final match as part of this project. As Aras Kargo, we are planning to continue our activities for the benefit of society in various fields of sports."

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