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Aras Kargo Carried the Photo of Your Love

Aras Kargo’nun yönetiminde esitlik var

Aras Kargo Carried the Photo of Your Love

Aras Kargo celebrating 14th February Valentine"s Day with a very special campaign carried a warm gift to its social media followers in collaboration with Fujibus. Photos of love of 150 lucky people who send photos of their love to Facebook and Instagram official accounts of Aras Kargo was photographed and presented as a magnet frame.

Aras Kargo, the shipping company with the widest distribution network in Turkey, celebrates Valentine"s Day on 14th February with a campaign. With the campaign realized through social media, 150 people received the photo of their love with magnet frame special to Valentine"s Day.

Among the followers who tagged Aras Kargo from their own account with the #İşte BenimAşkım hashtag and shared it between 5-11 February, the photos of 150 people were printed in cooperation with Fujibas and delivered to their loved ones on their own behalf.

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