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Aras Kargo becomes the official transportation sponsor of Galatasaray

Aras Kargo, Turkey’s pioneering and innovative delivery company, becomes the official transportation sponsor of Galatasaray Sports Club and its group companies by adding a new ring to its support for Turkish sports. Aras Kargo, which undertakes the entire collection, distribution, and delivery organization of the Galatasaray Football club and its group companies throughout Turkey within the scope of this sponsorship, continues to provide support to Turkish sports in different branches based on the unifying and developing power of sports.

In the new season, Aras Kargo assumed the collection, distribution, and delivery organization of Galatasaray Sports Club and its group companies. Dursun Aydın Özbek, the President of Galatasaray Sports Club, and Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo, signed the transportation sponsorship agreement at the signing ceremony. Aras Kargo will also carry the e-commerce shipments of GS (Galatasaray) Stores, which Galatasaray fans have shown great interest in, within the scope of this cooperation.

Emphasizing that they place the utmost importance on producing value in these lands with the works they do to contribute to the environment, society, and people, Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager of Aras Kargo, stated that “Aras Kargo has been providing services all over Turkey with the motto “Carrying Importance”, traveling as much as to travel around the world 7 times a day, and knocking more than 1 million doors for many years. It would be safe to say that we have a mission that unites our country from one end to the other. We believe that sports are a unifying force in the same way. With this perspective, we are excited today to be a business partner of Galatasaray, one of the biggest brands of Turkish sports with a long-established history of 117 years, in the delivery industry. We believe that Galatasaray will benefit greatly from our cooperation in terms of today’s football, where the correct use of time and the speed of organization are becoming increasingly important. Such business partnerships, as the parties get to know each other, grow into spiritual cooperations rather than financial support. We would also like to make efforts to fulfill any kind of mission that Mr. President deems appropriate for us. I wish our cooperation to be beneficial to the parties”.

Ayyarkın added that they have assumed the official sponsorship of the Turkish Men’s National Football Teams and the main sponsorship of the National Football Team with the motto “We Carry the Excitement of Football” this year and said that they will continue the support Turkish sports they offer in different branches and will reach new achievements.

“I hope we can carry our cooperation into different grounds”

Speaking at the ceremony, Dursun Aydın Özbek, the President of Galatasaray Sports Club Galatasaray, said: “As Galatasaray, we are very pleased to be in a business partnership with Aras Kargo. We would also like to discuss how we can improve Aras Kargo’s support for Turkish sports, especially Galatasaray. We have signed this agreement for official transportation sponsorship, but we want this cooperation to develop further to develop Turkish sports more, and not just be limited to football”.

“We will show Galatasaray and its fans what speed means”

Stating that they have reached a strong position in terms of both speed and customer satisfaction with the investments they have made in technology and operational efficiency in the last few years, Ayyarkın said that “We have made significant investments to realize the structural and technological transformation by changing consumer expectations. Within this framework, we will continue to develop fast and practical solutions and expand our technology investments for both our customers and our e-commerce business partners. Today, we are a reliable business partner in the e-commerce industry. With this valuable starting cooperation, we will introduce Galatasaray and its fans who will shop at GS Stores to our fast and high-quality service and we will strive to become their most reliable business partner”.

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