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Aras Kargo becomes the ‘company that provides the best e-commerce experience in the delivery sector for the third time in a row

Significant award to Aras Kargo, the most effective business partner of e-commerce:

Aras Kargo becomes the ‘company that provides the best e-commerce experience in the delivery sector for the third time in a row

Aras Kargo came forward as the most effective business partner in the e-commerce sector, experiencing an increase in business volume of more than 100 percent in the last two years, during this period. Aras Kargo, which has been designing the delivery experience of the future with end-to-end technology investments since 2016, visits more than 200 million addresses annually, brings great convenience to the lives of e-commerce companies and customers with its fast, flexible, and personalized new delivery experience, received the “Company that Provides the Best e-Commerce Experience Award” for the third time in a row at the ECHO Awards, where the best companies in e-commerce are awarded every year.

Expressing his views on the award and evaluating Aras Kargo’s contribution in the field of e-commerce and customer satisfaction-oriented investments, Utku Ayyarkın, the General Manager of Aras Kargo, stated that it is necessary to act with deeper insights to respond to changing customer needs and that they focus on artificial intelligence, big data, technological developments, and personalization while making their plans. Ayyarkın said that “After the pandemic, the share of the e-commerce sector in the economy increased by more than 100 percent. The rapid growth of e-commerce has caused a business volume and intensity beyond what was expected for the delivery sector. This intensity, which peaks during full closure and special discount days, has shown more clearly the role we have assumed in the supply chain and the success of online trade. Since 2016, we have made significant investments to realize the structural and technological transformation by the new consumer expectations. Our customers now want to be able to choose how and where to pick up their delivery regardless of time and place. Because of changing consumer habits, we have focused on out-of-home delivery solutions that are an alternative to the delivery-to-address model. We have reached about 2000 Aras Burası points in a short time. We have started the delivery method independent of time and space thanks to the parcel lockers and pop-up stores that are easily accessible 24/7. We have commissioned the Aras Routing Platform for our customers to track their shipments in real-time. This application, which allows real-time delivery tracking, provides the opportunity to interact with the customer. The recipient can track in real-time how many stops are left for the delivery of the shipment, change the delivery time of his shipment, or choose the most suitable one among the options of pop-up store and locker acces points, delivery to the neighbor, branch. The recipient is informed about the condition of the shipment at every step until he/she receives his/her shipment, and the delivery method and time of the shipment can be changed upon the customer’s request. We carry out all these applications with the principle of end-to-end transparency and offer a flexible delivery option to the recipient. Within this framework, we will continue to develop fast and practical solutions and expand our technology investments for both our customers and our e-commerce business partners.”

Underlining that the digital transformation started a few years before changing the business processes, Ayyarkın said that e-commerce has become the favorite of investment in the last two years. Utku Ayyarkın stated that they consider delivery companies that undertake an important task in terms of delivery and return as an integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem today, and we have shaped the delivery experience of the future by adapting to this speed and dynamism in a period when e-commerce is rising rapidly and we have achieved important records. As we have always expressed, we are determined to continue this transformation process in which we have evolved from an operational company to a technology company with new investments. We are happy for positioning ourselves as a reliable and effective business partner in the e-commerce sector. We are harvesting the fruits of our contribution in this field by receiving the most prestigious awards in the sector as well as the feedback we receive from both our customers and our e-commerce business partners. We received the Rising Delivery Company of the Year award at the E-Commerce Growth Summit in March. We are very happy and proud for being selected for three consecutive years in the delivery sector at the ECHO Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in this field. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed to this success and our business partners on the e-commerce side.”

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