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Aras Academy wins silver prize at Brandon Hall!

Aras Academy First Step Schools receive international excellence prize!

First Step Schools realized under Aras Academy was awarded the silver prize in “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning” category at Brandon Hall which is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious award programs in human resources. Aras Kargo received its prize with a ceremony at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards held in Miami, USA on February 1.

23rd Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, organized by Brandon Hall, one of the world’s leading consulting companies, were delivered to this year’s winners with a ceremony held in Miami, USA on February 1 which saw the participation of 700 hundred companies from over 15 countries operating in more than 25 industries.

First Step Schools project started by Aras Academy three years ago to increase the effectiveness of orientation process of its newly recruited employees was awarded the silver prize in “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning” category. First Step Schools, which was initially put into practice in 2014 to help the newly recruited employees experience all processes first-hand to ensure a higher-quality service, succeeded in winning its third international prestige award with this prize.

“International awards prove that we are on the right track”

On winning the awards, Aras Kargo General Manager Hikmet Nuri Bulduk said: “We continue to be the leader of shipping industry thanks to our extensive local knowledge and countless new applications in line with our global perspective. First Step Schools project developped under Aras Academy and aimed at supporting personal and occupational development of newly recruited employees finds its place in this vision. Thanks to this project, our newly recruited employees now have the opportunity to experience day-to-day processes and branch activities first-hand during orientation. The new recruits go through a simulation program that emphasizes a practical approach with plenty of case studies. Our goal is to strengthen our corporate culture by improving the competency of our employees. By this means, we are also aiming at inspiring a sense of belonging in our employees. Being awarded the silver prize in “Best Use of Games and Simulations in Learning” category at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards proves we are on the right track. In this sense, this makes us happy and proud”.

How does the learning process work at Aras Academy First Step Schools?

During the orientation week at Aras Academy First Step Schools, Aras Kargo’s new recruits first have the opportunity to get to know the company. Thus, they become aware of professional life, learn the details of Aras Kargo services as well as sales techniques to accomodate customers’ needs. Every week 20 to 25 recruits are trained in each school. During orientation, employees have the opportunity to acquire technical knowledge as well as information on occupational health and safety.

Before starting to work in branches, employees who had been in orientation training at Aras Academy First Step Schools, become fully professional cargo personnel at the end of the program thanks to “Experience Sharing” videos in which head office department managers, courriers and representatives brief recruits on what is expected of them; and experienced and expert Aras Kargo courriers, representatives and managers share experiences with recruits. The company plans to add new schools to existing ones in the four big cities of İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa.
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