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Another First Time Implementation from Aras Kargo: Aras Academy Familiy School

Family School is established within Aras Academy founded to meet qualified employment need in the sector by Aras Kargo. Family School inaugurated in association with Istanbul Aydın University, ‘Raising Awareness in Women Seminars’ are held for the wives of Aras Kargo Transfer Center employees. Value-added topics to the family institution including a healthy marriage, establishing good communication, attention deficit and happiness awareness are also tackled at Aras Academy Family School.

Established by Aras Kargo to support professional and personal developments of its employees, Aras Academy aims for the sky. Aras Academy is a first in the Turkish parcel delivery sector and provided training to over 5400 employees to promote their personal development. The institution founded Aras Academy Family School to reach its employees’ families as well.

Starting its courses in association with Istanbul Aydın University on July 7th, Aras Academy Family School will provide ‘Raising Awareness in Women Seminars’ only for the wives of Aras Kargo Transfer Center employees for now. Seminars will be instructed by Istanbul Aydın University instructors and subjects including a healthy marriage, establishing good communication, attention deficit and happiness awareness that were determined in line with the Transfer Center employees’ requests will be tackled.

Within the scope of the seminars, participants will take courses on family life cycle, parental responsibility, healthy marriage, adolescence in children, communication, time management, problem-solving approach, attention deficit and its periods, parental attitudes in the lack of attention and methods of treatment, development of new techniques for happiness, to gain self-confidence, happiness awareness. Academic coordinator of the program is Hülya Çoban and Academic Director of the program is Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali İhsan Özeroğlu.

Aras Kargo Vice President of Human Resources Gülçin Poyraz states that they are pleased to establish a Family School in Aras Academy and said, “We laid the foundations of Aras Academy back in 2009. 5400 of our employees were trained in Aras Academy across Turkey in such a short time. We got the opportunity to get together with the families of our employees during Aras Academy graduation ceremonies and we were inspired by the spark on their eyes while our employees were throwing graduation caps in the air. Based on the fact that Aras Kargo is a huge family, we decided to organize trainings for our employees’ families. First of all, we prepared a survey for our personnel at the Transfer Center and asked which trainings their families would need. In line with their answers, we planned our training program together with the valuable academicians.” Pointing out that they are focused on the happiness of all of their shareholders, Gülçin Poyraz indicated, “Happiness and satisfaction of our shareholders and those of our employees are equally important to us. We aimed to have highly engaged employees and this is where we are. Now, spouses of Aras Kargo employees will roll up their sleeves to maintain a happy family life. They will attend many seminars including communication to their spouses and children’s development. We target 1000 women with our seminars by the end of this year.”
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