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An Award from social media for Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo is the best of the sector in social media data analytics

Aras Kargo was selected as the best cargo company in the data analytics category in "Social Media Awards Turkey 2019", where the best of social media was awarded. In the data analytics category, where the performance of a total of 33 thousand social media accounts were measured in more than 50 sectors, Aras Kargo was the best of the sector as a result of the evaluations.

Aras Kargo’nun yönetiminde esitlik var

In Social Media Awards Turkey 2019: the first and only competition that measures the social media performances of brands and agencies based on objective data, the awards were delivered in a glorious ceremony held in Raffles Istanbul on the evening of May 3. Turkey"s pioneering and innovative shipping company, Aras Kargo was awarded the best shipping company in the category of “data analytics” in the social Media Awards Turkey 2019, where the brand, agency, project and people who have been effects the social media were awarded.

The winners of the third-time competition organized by Marketing Turkey and BoomSonar are determined by the data analytics method of Social Brands, the social media brand metering and scoring system of BoomSonar. This year, the performance of more than 33 thousands social media accounts in more than 50 sectors have been measured in the data analytics category, where social media performances are determined completely neutral and data-based throughout the year for brands from all sectors. Aras Kargo was voted the best in the data analytics awards as a result of the evaluations made.

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