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A major investment in sport by Aras Kargo: Aras Kargo Sports Club

Aras Kargo, a proud supporter of Turkish sports in all disciplines and all colors, has founded the Aras Kargo Sports Club, which will be one of the leading clubs in Turkish volleyball. The team, based in Izmir, will compete in the women's first league next season.  Aras Kargo's General Manager, Utku Ayyarkın, shared that the goal is to "develop 'smart, dynamic, and ethical' players at the national team level."

Aras Kargo, a leading cargo company in its field, has gone a step further in its long-term support of sports and founded the Aras Kargo Sports Club. The team, based in Izmir, will compete in the TVF Women's First League next season.

The opening ceremony of the Aras Kargo Sports Club was held in the presence of Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, Peter Umundum, President of the Turkish Volleyball Association, Barış Baran Aras, Vice Chairman of Aras Kargo, Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager and Suphi Doğancı, Head Coach of Aras Kargo Sports Club, technical team and players, and a number of distinguished guests from the sports and media worlds.

"Our goal is to train athletes at the national team level"

Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın commented: "We have been supporting Turkish sports of all disciplines and colors since 2004 - we like passion and excitement, not just one color. Now we want to build on our leadership in this field and start our journey as a sports club with Aras Kargo Women's Volleyball Team to become the leading volleyball club in Türkiye. Our goal is to produce national-level players who are "smart, dynamic and ethical", and to have fans who enjoy coming to the games, respect their opponents and are loyal to the team, and to be an exemplary sports club with our female players, technical team and fans. We wish our team and technical team the best of luck in the new season and invite everyone to join us at the games."

Aras Kargo expands its support for sports across federations and clubs

Believing in the unifying power of sport, Aras Kargo has been supporting Turkish sports in various fields at both the federation and club level for many years. We are one of the sponsors of the women's national volleyball team, which ranked first in the world in last year and the men's national volleyball team, which has had great success this year, in collaboration with the Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF). We also sponsor the men's senior football team, the national eSports team and the various football clubs in the country.

Last August, Aras Kargo warmly offered its support to Atakaş Hatayspor, which was unable to continue playing in the league due to the February earthquake, and collaborated with the club to further help the club.

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