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16,000 saplings planted by Aras Kargo

To keep alive the memory of those who lost their lives in the 6 February earthquakes, Aras Kargo, Turkey's pioneering and innovative shipping company, is creating a memorial forest in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation. Aras Kargo, which will plant 16,000 saplings in the name of 16,000 employees, planted 5,000 saplings in Adana as part of the first phase of the commemorative forest project. The rest of the 11,000 saplings will be planted in Tarsus in April and the rest will be planted in Istanbul.

Aras Kargo, Turkey's leading and innovative shipping company, launched a remarkable project in memory of those who lost their lives in the earthquakes that occurred on February 6th in Kahramanmaraş and affected 11 provinces. In partnership with the Aegean Forest Foundation, Aras Kargo planted 5 thousand saplings to create a memorial forest in Adana Sarıçam District. As part of the project to plant 16 thousand saplings representing 16 thousand employees of the company, 11 thousand saplings will be planted in Tarsus in April.

Among the participants of the sapling planting ceremony in Adana were Georg Pölzl (CEO of Austrian Post Office), Carsten Wallmann (CEO of Aras Kargo), Utku Ayyarkın (General Manager and Board Member at Aras Kargo) Barbara Hagen (CFO of Aras Kargo), and Yasemen Bilgili (Assistant General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation)

Saplings will give hope for future generations

Utku Ayyarkın, General Manager and Board Member at Aras Kargo, began his speech by expressing his deep sorrow for the earthquake disaster that hit Türkiye, saying: "As a nation, we were deeply devastated by the earthquakes on February 6th.  Today, we had the opportunity to show our love and commitment to nature once again through our 'Forests for Tomorrow' project by joining forces with the Aegean Forest Foundation in Adana Sarıçam District. In the first year of the earthquakes, we will plant 16,000 saplings in the name of 16,000 Aras. Our goal is to leave a green world for future generations. In April, we will plant another 11,000 saplings in Tarsus. This will be our way of showing gratitude and respect to our lost citizens and employees.

Yasemen Bilgili, Deputy General Manager of the Aegean Forest Foundation, thanked Aras Kargo managers and employees who forested new areas within the framework of the sustainability goal and said, "Aras Kargo has not only contributed to the sustainability of forest ecosystem services and the fight against the climate crisis by planting a total of 101 thousand 23 saplings with our foundation since 2021. All global life depends on forests, and any attempt to destroy nature can affect not only nature, but also agriculture, fresh water, biodiversity and wildlife. Together we will step up our transition to a nature-positive future."

Nature-Friendly Aras

Kargo, planting more than 200 thousand saplings so far as part of the "Forests for Future" project, has been engaged in sustainability efforts in different areas for years through both corporate and employee volunteerism. Aras Kargo intends to bring everything good and valuable today to the future by collaborating in the fields of coastal cleaning, forestation, projects to reduce carbon footprint and eco-friendly practices that support recycling with the initiative named "Nature-Friendly Aras", which was established in 2014.

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