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A new solution enabling the receipt of your cargoes 24/7!

Aras 24/7 Practical is a smart and secure cargo box that enables you to receive your cargo at any time you desire. Thanks to this solution, we are providing our customers – whom we could not find at their home - the opportunity to receive their cargoes – the fee for which is paid by the sender – at any time they desire. What’s more, they need not make any additional payment in order to benefit from this solution.

Just as its name suggests, it’s very practical. Our customer – who receives a message stating that their cargo has been left to 24/7 Practical – can open their own box by entering the one-time password - given in the same message - on the 24/7 Practical screen and receive their cargo.

The 24/7 Practical service – the volume of which we aim to increase across Turkey – is currently only available in İstanbul-Kavacık.