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Water bowl campaign for stray animals from Aras Kargo Aras Kargo takes on responsibility to reduce the harm that city life gives to stray animals, and to make life easier for the animals in their natural environment. Keeping water bowls in all branches, regional directorates and transfer centers in order to prevent stray animals from becoming dehydrated especially in summer months, Aras Kargo has delivered a total of 7,500 water bowls to date.
Aras Kargo renews its mobile application Aras Kargo has renewed its mobile application to provide a unique customer experience. Aras Kargo's new mobile application, which supports all of the Windows, IOS and Android platforms, offers users great convenience from online cargo tracking to shipment fee calculation, from pick-up request to live support line.
Hikmet Bulduk appointed as the new General Manager of Aras Kargo Mutual share purchase process of the partners of Aras Kargo, which is advancing with firm steps to become a world brand, has been continuing both at negotiation and legal levels, as it is reflected in public opinion.