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Aras Kargo And Anadolujet Lighten Passengers' Burden (26.08.2015)

Aras Kargo and AnadoluJet lighten passengers’ burden.

ISTANBUL (AA) – With “Your Luggage at Your Door” campaign carried out in collaboration with AnadoluJet, Aras Kargo now delivers passenger luggage to the their home with appointment at the prices as low as 19 TRL.

According to the statement made by AnadoluJet, in collaboration with Aras Kargo, passengers’ burden is being lightened as of July 2015. AnadoluJet passengers can now enjoy of being free from luggage carrying problem thanks to the “Your Luggage at Your Door” campaign.

Within the scope of the campaign which will continue until June 30th, 2016, all passenger luggages of which the weight is less than 10 deci/kilograms are delivered by Aras Kargo at prices starting from 19 TRL. Passenger will also be able to have their bigger luggage delivered for which they are charged 29 TRL for 10-20 deci/kilograms, 39 TRL for 20-30 deci/kilograms, 49 TRL for 30-40 deci/kilograms and 59 TRL for 40-50 deci/kilograms.

During the campaign, Anadolu Jet passengers will have their luggage received from home and delivered to the destination, both with an appointment.

AnadoluJet passengers who would like to join the campaign can send a free SMS to 3858. Once they receive the password sent back via SMS, they can complete the process by visiting the website “”, calling Aras Kargo call center 444 25 52 or visiting Aras Kargo branch offices. With the same password, they can benefit from the discounted prices in all domestic shipments. The campaign does not include Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and abroad shipments.