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Focused on technological investment, increased profit to 2, World giant Alibaba chooses Aras Kargo Aras Kargo, who increased transaction volume in the first 10 months of the year and who plans to end the year with a turnover of over 1 billion TL, with a growth rate of 20 % crowned its financial success with an international agreement. Aras Kargo, who has agreed with Alibaba, one of the world's largest e-commerce sites, will distribute the products of the Chinese e-commerce giant in Turkey. Hence, the delivery time, which is 25-40 days, will be much shorter.
Aras Kargo cleans the shores of Turkey Doğa Dostu Araslar (Nature-Friendly Aras) platform established in 2014 by Aras Kargo in line with the vision of protecting the nature, has been cleaning the shores of Turkey with TURMEPA (Association for the Clean Sea) for two years. Contributing to protect the ecologic balance by collecting 2 tons of waste from the sea on 8 locations, Doğa Dostu Araslar(Nature-Friendly Aras) performed the last sea cleaning for 2017 in Bodrum.
Aras Academy’s First Step Schools Receive International Recognition “First Step Schools” application of Aras Kargo won silver prize “Best Use of Games and Simulations in Learning” category in the prestigious human resources award Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. This internationally prestigious award marks the third recognition of The First Step Schools. The award will be presented in a ceremony to be held in January in the US.
Lukoil Campaign Aras Kargo offers 25% discount for LUKOIL customers!
Gratis Campaign Shop at Gratis, get 25% off at Aras Kargo Individual customers claiming their discount code on Gratis receipts get 25% off in their Aras Kargo shipments.Campaign is valid February 1st,2018
Kâmil Koç Campaign Aras Kargo& Kâmil Koç partnership offers Kâmil Koç Bumerang members 25% discount by simply sending a free SMS or claiming their code on Kâmil Koç’s online platforms.