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If you wish to set your delivery date, you can opt for our Aras Randevulu delivery service.

With Aras Randevulu delivery service, you can send gifts to your loved ones on special days and have your dispatch delivered to them when they are the most available. Just go to any Aras Kargo Office to initiate Aras Randevulu delivery service. Your dispatch will be delivered within the first 5 days to the recipient after it reaches the destination Office. Using this service, you can send maximum 3 items and totaling weight of 50 kg/desi.*

*Areas or settlements that are not within the scope of our operationally standard service areas, and to which we are able to make delivery on certain days of the week are defined as mobile areas. Aras Randevulu delivery service is not applicable to those areas because delivery times can vary.

Click here to see the Mobile Areas list.