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Suggestion System

In our suggestion system, based on our tenet of openness to innovation, we receive suggestions from our employees and use them to develop our company.

The suggestion system is aimed at,

  • Bringing out any and all suggestions throughout the company;

  • Bringing to life those suggestions of greatest potential for benefiting our company;

  • Identifying the company’s internal issues and having them solved by professionals engaged in the relevant function;

  • Instilling among those making suggestions an awareness of helping themselves and the company;

  • Constantly checking the working environment and ways of doing business in order to create greater value.

We’re working in accordance with the following guidelines to set up a powerful suggestion system at Aras:

  1. Keeping employees posted at all times (by preparing e-cards and making various announcements) and receiving suggestions through the system

  2. Displaying an objective approach in selection and evaluation methods

  3. Swiftly evaluating the suggestions and giving a positive or negative response

  4. Rewarding the best suggestions in the most appropriate manner

  5. Working to bring suggestions to life by briefing upper management and those units concerned on the suggestions

Suggestions are evaluated with respect to the criteria of financial impact, practicability, increasing customer/employee satisfaction, increasing efficiency, providing an innovative solution, and enhancing corporate identity. Those who make valuable suggestions are then rewarded as provided for by the Star Aras reward system.