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Aras Academy



The foundations of Aras Academy were laid at the end of 2009 in order to standardize our company's development programs and ensure measurability. Thanks to the modern and up-to-date teaching atmosphere it brings to the field of cargo transportation, and its educators, who have the necessary academic and professional background information, skill, and experience, it contributes to both the sector and the professionals within it in terms of R&D and innovation. The training given on the Aras Academy platform is gathered under the three main headings of Career Development Seminars, Personal Development Seminars and Awareness Raising Seminars.

Career Development Training is created within the framework of an annual training plan, which supports the know-how, abilities and career development of employees. Carried out by in-house trainers who are experts in their fields, it provides information on sectoral innovations and refreshes business knowledge.

Personal Development Training is carried out in the form of a certificated program prepared specially for Aras Kargo employees within the scope of Aras Academy and in cooperation with universities.

Awareness Raising Seminars began to be organized at the beginning of 2008 under the name of “-1 de +” Şeyler” with the aim of increasing our employees' life quality. As of 2009, our Awareness Raising Seminars have been systematically organized four times in a year.


The “In-house Coaching Process” which has been created through development of trainer competencies of Aras employees who are experts in their fields is based solely on the principle of volunteerism. Aras Academy Trainers comprised of employees who are experts in their subjects have adopted the idea that information grows when it is shared. They share their know-how and experience with other Aras employees.

The employees, who want to be included in Aras Academy In-House Trainer Pool, prepare trainings on a subject they choose regarding their speciality after certain interviews are made. Later they make a presentation to the Aras Academy training staff. After the presentation; the candidates, who have been found adequate and competent enough to be a trainer, participate in “Training of the Trainer Certificate Program”.


Within the framework of Training Regulations; all the new employees who have started to work at Aras Kargo, subject to an Orientation Program depending on their positions. The programs are carried out by Orientation Authorities at Headquarter, Training Branches and Directorates of Regional/Transfer Centers. Across Turkey there 83 training branches in total and Training branches are chosen according to the criteria designated in Training Regulations.

The orientation process at Aras Kargo occurs in 4 steps including Training Brach, Regional Directorates, Directorates of Transfer Centre and Headquarter.