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How Do We Manage The Careers Of Our Employees?

With our Career Development Model, we aim to help our employees advance with bolder steps along their career journey, continuously developing both Aras and themselves.

Every Aras employee is evaluated objectively and can carry their career to the highest level imaginable by pursuing job opportunities available in the company. We provide maximum benefit both to Aras and our staff by managing this process transparently.

Career Paths

There are opportunity-filled career paths for each and every one of our employees at Aras!

Aras employees have career maps, a first for HR practices in the shipping industry, and beyond it. A unique feature in our Career Development Model, the career maps are a career guide for our staff, showing them the paths of advance from one position to the next within our organization. These maps consist of diagrams covering all job positions within the company and display the clearly defined paths between them with guidance on what successional pairings are allowed between posts and the requisite experience/proficiencies for each reassignment.