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How Do We Recruit?

Our primary consideration during the recruitment process is for our vacant positions to be filled by the right people, whose qualifications are compatible with the vision, mission, strategy, and values of our organization, and who possess the required proficiencies. Our main resource in this process is our working staff.

Our recruitment process is based on equal opportunity. We evaluate applicants objectively and apply the same standards to all.

Steps in the recruitment process:

» Receiving applications

Gathering applications from candidates through in-house announcements, online career portals, employee references, and direct contacts.

» Screening applications

Evaluating applications with respect to the criteria relevant to the vacant position and inviting suitable applicants for an interview.

» Interviews, Tests, and Evaluation Center Procedures

Conducting interviews, tests and various Evaluation Center procedures relevant to the proficiencies required for the vacant position; informing the eligible and ineligible applicants of the outcome.

» Checking References

Checking the references of those applicants who were found eligible during interviews, and who successfully passed the tests that were administered.

» Job Offer

Making a job offer to those applicants whose references checked out positively and installing the contracted applicants in their new positions.