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Our Human Resources Policy

»Our Human Resources Policy aims at hiring well-educated, open-minded, innovative, enterprising, dynamic, result-oriented people, who aim at improving themselves and their respective jobs,

» Creating a peaceful and professional work environment where employees, constituting the company’s most important resource, can improve themselves, both individually and professionally,

» Making the most of the abilities, energy and creativity of employees,

» Increasing employee satisfaction to the maximum by investing in our personnel, who key to our success in being a pioneer of the sector,

» Enabling our personnel to build a career in parallel with their qualities and performance,

» Giving priority to in-house employees for any job vacancies in parallel with career planning,

» Adopting a performance-based fair wages policy by ensuring that our employees are satisfied to the utmost within the current framework in terms of wage system and social rights.

Our Vision

To create productive and happy employees by supporting creativity and innovation…

Our Mission

In accordance with our aim of increasing corporate performance;

• To support the continuous development of each and every employee,

• To get feedback on the investment made in people in order to make existing systems more productive by creating integrated human resources to simplify and enrich our business processes,

• To have result and performance-oriented teams by increasing employee motivation.