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Aras Academy

Aras Academy is one of the firsts Aras Kargo plc introduced to the shipping industry, demonstrating its modern approach to training and organizational development. It’s a development center confidently taking the company into the future; a strategic structure designed to support our organization’s performance of its mission by conducting activities that promote learning, knowledge, and intelligence at both the individual and organizational levels.

The academy’s basic mission is to serve as a platform for development to ensure the company’s transformation. Therefore, it serves to forecast both present and future needs.

Our main task is not merely to impart knowledge and experience to our employees, but also to ensure that the knowledge and experience we impart are practicable. Our philosophy at the Academy is to have our staff gain usable skills.

The Aras Academy is a corporate brand providing service in matters of training and development to all Aras Kargo employees and, as part of our social responsibility projects, to their families. It contributes to the execution of company strategies and the achieving of business results with its continuous learning approach, aiming to increase the ways of doing business and the proficiencies of its staff to the highest level. In so doing it acts out of a sense of responsibility toward the times in which it operates and the community it belongs to.

What are our aims?

To support our corporate culture and strategies;

To prepare our agents and branches for the process of transformation and the development we target; to make a way of life out of continuous learning;

To share scientific knowledge with our agents, branches, and all our employees by integrating the university education system with the business world; to develop the most effective learning processes in the shipping industry through the efficient combination of theory and practice;

To broaden the vision of our agents, branches, and all Aras employees by offering them varied and inspiring training options in collaboration with solution partners, and by employing suitable training methods;

To sign our name to a first for the shipping industry by becoming Turkey’s R&D Center within that industry, with the accumulated knowledge we possess and the know-how that goes with it;

To lay the groundwork for creative and innovative ways of doing business by making innovation a permanent part of our culture.

What are our goals? 

To lay down the standards for the company’s training and development programs;

To integrate our actions with Human Resources processes;

To ensure measurability;

To turn continuous learning and development into a mode of living and working for our staff;

To combine theory and practice into a whole by integrating the university education system with the business world; to design and develop the most effective learning processes in the shipping industry;

To broaden the vision of our employees by offering them a variety of training options employing our Academy solutions and the training methods to be followed jointly with our solution partners;

You can access detailed information on all activities of the Aras Academy, its training programs, the integrated orientation system in the simulation branches (First Step Schools), Aras Academy in figures, and the activities of the Family Academy at