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With our Aras Tahsilatlı delivery service, which offers the convenience of payment on delivery; ARAS KARGO guarantees the delivery of your products sold to your customer, collection of the amount to be paid for the product from the customer, and money transfer to your bank account. And what is more, with this service your customer makes the payment in cash, or by credit card.

What is Special About Aras Tahsilatlı Delivery Service?

It's special in that the parcel is delivered to the customer, collection of the amount to be paid for this product is made simultaneously, and the collected amount is transferred to the bank account of the sender. This service, by which we carry our Delivery, Collection and Money Transfer under a single roof, is called 3T.

For Whom is Aras Tahsilatlı Delivery Service Suitable?

  • For Tele-Marketing, E-Commerce Sector, and SMEs
  • For our customers who don't want to deliver the product without collecting the amount due to be paid for that product
  • For our customers who sell online and are concerned about the collection of product payment
  • For our customers who want to make sales to a wide user network, but can't

All our customers with a Commercial Title can make use of our Aras Tahsilatlı Delivery service.

In order to use our Aras Tahsilatlı delivery service and get detailed information on it, just click on the link below and fill out the form that pops up on the screen. Our sales representative will call you for an appointment as soon as possible.