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For your parcels to be delivered early in the morning, you can opt for our Aras Günaydın delivery service

With the “Aras Günaydın” service, which is the only service with a time pledge, we deliver both your intracity and intercity parcels to their recipients by 10:00 am the next morning, and send a delivery notification SMS to your cell phone free of charge.

Aras Günaydın delivery applies only to your parcels under 20 kg/ds that are sent to the provinces with a delivery time of 24 hours*.

If early delivery is important for you, say Good Morning with Aras.


Morning Delivery

Kg / Ds


0-1 kg/ds


2 kg/ds

21,5 TL+VAT

3 kg/ds


4 kg/ds

26,5 TL+VAT

Additional kg/ds

2,50 TL+VAT