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Aras Kargo is a leading Corporation in the Turkish Courier express parcel industry in terms of its service quality, advanced technology, compatibility with acknowledged standards, and widespread transport network.

Aras Kargo, which has implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2004, has adopted the “EFQM (EUROPEAN FOUNDATION FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT) Perfection Model” as its corporate mode of commercial operation in order to increase quality in terms of joint relations, raise efficiency, maintain a competitive edge, and transform the total quality philosophy into a corporate culture. In a first in this direction, in 2007 the “National Quality Movement Declaration of Goodwill” was signed, and Aras Kargo participated in the “National Quality Movement (NQM)” conducted by the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) in order to raise standards of living.

Through the activities carried out within the framework of the EFQM Perfection Model, depending upon the commercial results reflected on its customers, employees and society, it decisively continues to shape adopted strategies with an appropriate understanding of leadership. By increasing both the variety and quality of the service offered, the policy works toward continuous development in pursuit of perfection.

By taking firm steps toward perfection, Aras proves that it has adopted “a philosophy of continuous improvement”. The “EFQM Turkey Perfection Award” received in 2013 has crowned this process.

  • 2004 ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2008 EFQM Decisiveness in Perfection - KalDer

  • 2009 EFQM Competence in Perfection (3 Stars) - KalDer

  • 2010 EFQM Competence in Perfection (4 Stars) - KalDer

  • 2011 EFQM Competence in Perfection (5 Stars) - KalDer

  • 2013 EFQM Turkey Perfection Award - KalDer