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Distinguished customers, business partners, and employees,

We’ve been carrying Turkey’s merchandise and individuals’ articles entrusted to our care for 36 years with your support and confidence. In other words, we’re “carrying importance” for Turkey.

As we advance with firm strides toward our goal of making Aras Kargo a world brand, we’re making a concerted effort to improve with each passing day our qualities as a dynamic team that’s leaner and more proficient in employing technology.

Our vision of becoming a 100-year-old company is what drives us forward.

With our innovative approach to service that’s centered on efficiency, we deliver 450,000 shipments a day and knock on 12,000 doors each month to the benefit of our customers, our employees, the environment, and Turkey’s broader economy.

Going forward, we’ll be focusing on strengthening our international distribution network and achieving a system that measures up to world standards in integrating technology by means of innovative solutions. Technology-intensive projects such as software development, vehicle renewals, hand terminals, and conveyor systems account for a major portion of our investments. We’re upgrading our automated systems and investing more technology into them by drawing upon our shipping experience.

We’re enhancing our approach to operations, our technology, our systems and service quality on a daily basis by combining our local experience with the expertise of our partner Austrian Post.

As nature-friendly Aras, we’re saying, “Let’s clean up our own backyard first.” We’re deploying an environmentally sensitive, sustainable way of doing business that features waste management, water economy, and battery-powered forklifts. We’re replacing all of our vehicles of over five years in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our fleet of 39 fully electric vehicles is the largest such fleet of electrically powered commercial vehicles in Turkey.

Along with nature-friendly solutions, our responsibility focus also embraces welcoming more women to the work force and supporting women’s entrepreneurship.

We declared there was no reason at all why women should not be successful in male-dominated jobs, and we put our signature to the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) that call for the strengthening and employment of women, another of our areas of responsibility. We got to work swiftly. We took, and are still taking, a great many steps from introducing quotas to increase the number of our women employees to simplifying the maternity leave process, the bane of working mothers.

We, the Aras family, will continue the efforts of our 13 regional directorates, 29 transfer centers, 825 branches, our fleet of 4000 more than vehicle fleet, and of course our staff of 12,000, our greatest asset in being worthy of the trust you’ve been placing in us.

As we advance with firm strides toward our goal of making Aras Kargo a world brand, our motto will be “A New Us, A New World” because we know the world will change as we do.

Best regards,

Evrim Aras

Aras Kargo Chair and CEO