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Being the most preferred brand in our sector by creating a difference with our power and services committed to satisfaction.


Providing sustainable benefit to our shareholders thanks to the innovative business models in which we integrate the technology and powerful human resources of our sector.


  • Reliability
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Service Orientation
  • Sensitivity to the Environment
  • Team Spirit
  • Respect for the individual


With its concept of Total Quality and Perfection management, in order to meet its shareholders’ expectations in a balanced and progressive manner, and to realize constant development and sustainable performance, Aras Kargo aims at the following:

Human Resources,

  • Hiring well-educated, open-minded, innovative, enterprising, dynamic, result-oriented people who aim at improving themselves, their job and their teammates,
  • Creating a professional work environment where employees, constituting the company’s key resource, can improve themselves both individually and professionally,
  • Implementing internal and external training programmes within the framework of a plan set at every level with the aim of promoting employee development, and holding managers responsible for this development,
  • Giving priority to in-house employees for all job vacancies/assignments by implementing the principle of equal opportunity,
  • Idealization of the staff cycle speed by the company management in order to ensure working order and continuity,
  • Satisfying employees to the maximum within the framework of available opportunities in terms of the wage system and social rights; implementing a fair wage policy in which individual skills and efforts are awarded,
  • Creating and managing internal communication channels in order to develop a team spirit among employees,

Customer Relations,

In order to become the preferred brand in the sector;

  • Ensuring the continuity of open communication,
  • Being easily accessible through all channels in order to increase customer satisfaction and service quality,
  • Addressing and solving any complaints received objectively and impartially, by abiding by the principles of transparency and confidentiality in line legal obligations and laws,
  • Providing service within the targeted period by following a customer-oriented approach,
  • Becoming an organization that can be held accountable, and that develops itself constantly with the experience obtained from Customer feedback.


Keeping a check on environmental pollution factors by taking account of the environmental effects resulting from its operations and services, and taking measures to minimize them,

Occupational Health and Safety,

Ensuring a healthier and safer working and living environment for all employees and their visitors by assuring the risks in the framework of the Rules of Occupational Health and Safety in order to avoid injuries and health impairments as a result of its operations,

Social Responsibility,

Managing the economic, social and environmental effects of our operations with an awareness of social responsibility, and contributing to the development of society,


Creating open, honest, mutually beneficial and sustainable collaborations based on providing added value in parallel with our strategic needs,


Evaluating and developing supplier performance by giving importance to quality input in service quality; taking offers from at least three suppliers and working with the supplier that provides the best conditions,


Ensuring the planning of active cash flow in order that business capital can be managed efficiently in line with Official Regulations and International Accounting principles, and usage of external and internal resources based on cost/benefit analysis; making timely and active reporting that supports the decision-making mechanisms of the management,


Assuring the effective management of all processes, innovation and sustainable performance by following and implementing technological developments,


Ensuring our shareholders’ secure, consistent up-to-date access to information, enabling business continuity and minimizing the losses and risks arising from safety violations,


Detection of the most efficient alternatives by evaluating the company’s investment needs and ensuring the detection and provision of suitable alternative financing resources,

Fixed Assets,

Increasing life cycle of our assets and ensuring their effective and efficient use and safety by taking account of their sustainability,


Ensuring the continuity of open communication,

Marketing and Sales,

By taking value propositions as the basis, ensuring the integration of product/service perception with brand perception and sustainable sales,

Provision of the above-given issues in line with ethical rules and our core values, as well as standards and legal regulations related to our operations.