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Aras Kargo has the largest 100% electric commercial fleet in Turkey

Aras Kargo becomes electrified to be nature-friendly

 Aras Kargo has the largest 100% electric commercial fleet in Turkey

Aras Kargo increases its number of 100% electric vehicles to 39, and becomes the owner of the biggest electric commercial vehicle fleet in Turkey. Investing 5 million TL, Aras Kargo will save 10% of its monthly fuel cost. Thanks to nature-friendly vehicles, the emission of 5.787 tons carbon will be prevented. This will contribute to nature the equivalent of planting of 18,000 new trees within 8 years.

Turkey’s pioneer and innovative cargo company Aras Kargo has become the owner of the biggest electric commercial vehicle fleet in Turkey by increasing the number of its electric vehicles to 39. The press conference – given for the introduction of the 30 new vehicles – was held in Yıldız Park, Istanbul in accordance with the adopted environment-friendly concept.

Being the first Turkish cargo company to add electric vehicles to its commercial fleet in 2011, Aras Kargo has been using the 9 vehicles for 3 years as a pilot project, especially for urban distribution. Having utilized the charging units and vehicles in accordance with route optimization, Aras Kargo decided to increase the number of vehicles.

Evrim Aras: “We will manage the biggest 100% electrical commercial fleet on a 5 million TL investment”

Stating that the companies’ primary responsibility was to build its own operations upon efficiency with sensitivity to the environment- and human-friendly technologies, Aras Kargo Chairman and CEO Evrim Aras continued as follows: “Our sector is unfortunately not environment-friendly by its very nature. We deliver nationwide in Turkey with our 3,320 vehicle fleet and carry approximately 400,000 items of cargo on a daily basis. This means that we have a significant carbon footprint on nature. Of course, we cannot renew our entire fleet with environmentally friendly technologies in just one day, but we needed to start from somewhere. In 2014 we have extended the step that we first took in 2011 when we became sure of its efficiency, and undertook a 5 million TL investment. Today, our 39 vehicles are making deliveries to customers especially in the major cities by preserving nature as much as possible”.

Its contribution is equal to the plantation of 18.000 trees

Pointing out that the vehicles will prevent the emission of 5,787 tons of carbon within 8 years – the average service life of a vehicle – with this environment-friendly step taken by Aras Kargo,  Evrim Aras said that its benefit was equal to the planting of approximately 18,000 new trees. (The figures are determined as per the calculations of and TEMA Foundation).

430 vehicles renewed for minimum carbon emission

Stating that electric vehicles will provide service in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Kocaeli in addition to Istanbul, Evrim Aras pointed out that one of the company’s nature-friendly steps was fleet renewal. Aras said: “We renewed 430 vehicles in our fleet. We will maintain our investment plans in 2015 in order to renew the remaining older vehicles, as well. While addressing our responsibility to the environment with our electric vehicles, we are also aiming to minimize carbon emissions with the new vehicles”.


Evrim Aras:  “Unlike in Turkey, in Europe incentives are given for environmentally-friendly vehicles"

In her speech, Evrim Aras also mentioned that no tax advantage was being provided for electric vehicles, unlike in Europe. Aras commented that: “We believe that the government should provide certain advantages for electric vehicles by taking their positive contributions to the environment and economy into consideration”. She also voiced her concern over the fact that one of the reasons behind the limited usage of electric vehicles, especially in fleet management, was the fact that the customer’s charging units were not widespread. Aras underlined that the government may also provide assistance on this matter.


BD Otomotiv Chairman Osman Boyner

Aras Kargo’s electric vehicles are manufactured by BD Otomotiv. The Chairman of BD Otomotiv – the first and only Turkish company to make an investment into the field of electric light commercial vehicle in our country with its activities that have been realized since 2011 in Turkey – Osman Boyner said: “The pioneer companies of Turkey – who are open to innovation and who are in cooperation with our company – prefer the way of widening their electric vehicle fleets – which they create with certain number of units in the beginning – by seeing the results of the trial period just like Aras Kargo, who is the reason why we have met today.

As a result of the performance in terms of efficiency and use of use in its experiences that it gained from its first electric vehicle fleet – which was created with 9 vehicles with different load capacities – Aras Kargo reached an agreement with BD Otomotiv on the matter of adding 30 electric vehicles to its fleet.  Therefore, Aras Kargo has become the company to use the biggest number of electric commercial vehicles in Turkey.

Our 400 electric vehicles have covered 20.000.000 kilometers so far. With the confidence and experience gained from this, our target in 2014 as BD Otomotiv is to ensure the replacement of more conventional vehicles with these vehicles – which respect the environment and humans – by increasing the number of electric vehicles in the fleets of Aras Kargo and our other customers”. 

Aras Kargo’s identification information:

Foundation year:                               1979

(Aras Marketing and Distribution)

Number of employees:                     11,755

(permanent personnel, temporary personnel, agency and branch employees)

Number of regional directorate:      19

Number of branches:                        846

Number of transfer centers:              28

Number of vehicles:                        -3,320

Aras Kargo’s environmental report card:

  • 30 new vehicles have been purchased in addition to the existing 9 units of 100% electric vehicles.
  • The fleet is renewed with 430 new vehicles.
  • For the matter of energy efficiency, an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System has been integrated.
  • Route Optimization Project is realized with the target of minimum emission.
  • Recycle bins are placed at all Aras Kargo branches for waste paper products.
  • All cargo bags are prepared and distributed with biodegradable material.
  • LED illumination and photocell systems are integrated in order to cut down on electricity consumption; a 25% energy saving is ensured.
  • In order to ensure saving on city water usage, the use of armatures with flow limiter is initiated; 25% water saving is ensured.
  • Time-adjusted illumination system is installed on the signboards of the branches.
  • Materials – 100% biodegradable - are being used at our branches.
  • Waste collection and water purification facilities are set-up at the Boğaziçi Transfer center.
  • The amount of waste collected in 2013 alone reached 265 tons.
  • A battery system is integrated in forklifts and pallet trucks used at transfer centers.
  • The heating systems at transfer centers have been converted to natural gas powered systems from electrical systems.
  • The “Life to the Green, Green to the Life” campaign was realized with ÇEKÜL Foundation in order to combat global warming. 138,000 trees have been planted so far within the scope of the campaign.
  • A 20% paper saving is ensured with the decision to operate central purchasing for stationery across Turkey.